Physical Science

Physical Science & Technology Animation 3D

Here are the following facts on Physical Science and Technology Animation 3D

The product was developed through nine years of research by Prof Peet van Schalkwyk of the North West University, Potchefstroom. In May 2011, both Animation CD products received the TWAS Award administered by UNESCO as the best visual training in Mathematics and Physical Science, recognized internationally.  

The 3D Mathematics CD was developed according to the school curriculum from Grade R-12.  

The 3D Physical Science CD was developed according to the school curriculum from Grade 3 to Tertiary level (3rd year Engineering). Both products are CAPS – orientated. Both products provide continuous assessment.

Both products are bilingual and available in English and Afrikaans.  The CD’s are user-friendly with directions & explanations on each concept. Children are growing up with visual technology in this present era: The 3D Mathematics & Physical Science CD’s provide the child with a visual stimulation and love for both subjects.

Both products assist the child with stimulation on hand and eye coordination.  The child must be able to read to use the CDs. With younger children the teacher or parent need to assist the child.  The 3D Animation of the products are applicable to both right and left brain, ADHD and disabled children.  

Every child can progress at his/her own speed.  Both products can be used by educator for material in the classroom, lesson preparation and visual training in the subjects.

Physical Science & Technology concepts:

Dynamics,  Velocity, Acceleration, Gravitation, Work & Energy, Momentum, Collisions, Explosions, Force, Vectors, Stress & Moment of Force, Waves and Oscillations, Electricity and Projections, Thermodynamics,Fluid Mechanics and Materials, Engine and Gears.